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I know I know that hymn

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 14:26pm on 13th January 2018
Ever started a hymn you thought everyone knew only to be met by stunned silence from your congregation?   Andy Chamberlain of Musicademy pointed out the elephant in the room (church / song-room / rehearsal space) when he blogged that when it comes to worship ‘most of the time people don’t sing the...

Models of Music-making #2

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 14:26pm on 13th January 2018
If your church can’t find a musician to lead music at Sunday worship, you’re not alone.  Each church musician can only be in one place at one time, and many of us are committed to particular parishes every Sunday.  However, some of us have time during the week to help...

Models of Music-making #1

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 14:24pm on 13th January 2018
There’s a church near me which can’t afford a music director, or rather, it hasn’t got the budget to pay someone enough to be around for every Sunday service plus all the hard work, diplomacy, admin (and music, of course!) in between.  But rather than giving up dejected, they got...

United in Harmony

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 05:24am on 19th April 2015
The outcome of the general election on Thursday 7th May is unpredictable.  Immigration has proved a significant issue, and Alex Massie heralded this as ‘the outsiders’ election’ in the Big Issue (February 23 – March 1, 2015) since more than 25% of the electorate are migrant voters, born overseas but...

Singing the Psalms

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 13:39pm on 13th May 2014
Many churches claim not to sing psalms. I think they mean there’s no evensong with its rich tradition of chanted psalmody, or that a hymn is sung between readings, not a responsorial psalm. In fact, much church music finds its source in the psalms. In exploring the issue of how...

Singing Unaccompanied - Advice for Congregations

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 12:21pm on 13th June 2013
Frances Novillo, Regional Music Adviser, London and the South, says: In general, work out whether a piece starts low, high or in the middle of the range of notes explored but don’t worry too much about exact pitch. Recognize for example, that ‘Now thank we all our God’ (Nun danket)...

Lyrics for Liturgy 1: Liturgical Song

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 15:28pm on 2nd February 2009
How do the music and text of a hymn, when properly chosen, enable us to worship as a community? The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art.  The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as a combination...
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