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Singing Unaccompanied - Advice for Congregations

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 12:21pm on 13th June 2013
Frances Novillo, Regional Music Adviser, London and the South, says: In general, work out whether a piece starts low, high or in the middle of the range of notes explored but don’t worry too much about exact pitch. Recognize for example, that ‘Now thank we all our God’ (Nun danket)...

Forgive and Remember

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 11:42am on 1st June 2013
Before celebrating the sacred mysteries, we seek forgiveness, sharing the reality of lives lived as sinners called to be saints – forgiven but not forgetting, since liturgy calls for both repentance and remembrance.  As Timothy Radcliffe writes:   Forgiveness is not the scrubbing out of our sins, pretending that they never happened....
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